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Tina Weaver Biography

Christina Weaver wrote stories for her family. After a news article captured her interest, she wrote her first full length work, but upon reviewing it, she wasn't satisfied. Accepting that she needed to perfect her style, Christina joined an online writing group. There she took classes and honed her craft. Over the next few years she completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge three times. After five of her short stories were published and she won a few writing contests, she encountered something that prompted her to once again try her hand at writing a novel. After years of training and practice she felt confident enough to approach a publisher. The result is the book you have in your hands.

At this time Christina is working several novels and short stories as she continues her work as a published author.

Books by Tina Weaver

The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan

(Tina's book can be purchased at Amazon. Click here for link.)

When Matthew Sullivan's elderly uncle is told he needs to clean his property or lose it, Matt begrudgingly begins to help the hoarder start organizing his home. As he cleans, he discovers references to a grandmother the family never discusses. His curiosity piqued, Matt asks his uncle what happened to her and receives stubborn silence.

Matt's investigation leads him to a small town in West Virginia, deep in the mighty Allegheny mountains, where he begins to uncover the terrifying truth of what really happened on that fateful day in 1948.